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ItalyMade in Italy
Type of construction: Sheet
Type of material: Rubber
Type of compound: SP  
Type of use:
Repair&Orthopaedics - Sheets for half soles, soles and top-pieces
Lifestyle - Travel
Lifestyle - Casual
Lifestyle - Fashion
Sheet Dimension: 11.4x35.8 in
Sizes: 040 060 mm

Soft rubber sheet with the continuous Vibram web design. Ideal for die-cutting soles, heels and inserts, for resoling/manufacturing shoes requiring an excellent nonslip capacity, combined with a fairly good comfort level. The product features excellent modular stability in cutting and die-cutting.   


  • Category: Soling Sheets
  • Brand: Vibram


SKU: Choose a Thickness Price Quantity Status
VIB7175B4F BLACK 4 mm FULL SIZE SHEET (22.8" X 35.8") - -  In Stock
VIB71754 BLACK 4 mm HALF SIZE SHEET (11.4" X 35.8") - -  In Stock
VIB71756 BLACK 6 mm HALF SIZE SHEET (11.4"X 35.8") - -  In Stock
VIB7175B6F BLACK 6mm FULL SIZE SHEET (22.8" X 35.8") - -  Out of Stock
VIB7175C4 CREAM 4mm HALF SIZE SHEET (11.4" X 35.8") - -  Out of Stock