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Norzon Belts

NorZon lasts longer than typical belts, so you save on the number of belts you need to buy and you don’t need to keep as many on hand.

NorZon belts’ superior grain improves the quality of sanding and buffing while generating a higher quality finish. Typical belts lose grain and load faster than NorZon belts, resulting in a poor finish that results in added time reworking the sole to meet your quality standards. You can depend on NorZon products to virtually eliminate rework and grind so cool that burn problems can be eliminated.

  • NorZon belts continuously produce sharp cutting edges as the abrasive wears down
  • Higher quality of the zirconia produces higher productivity per belt
  • Wear NorZon belts down on one side, then reverse to get a longer wearing belt
  • NorZon provides more than twice the wear, resulting in cost savings and greater profits to you
  • Cool performing NorZon belts minimize loading of materials that cause belt failure
  • Ultra sharper NorZon abrasives; you get easier control of the sanding and buffing operation, resulting in a superior quality finish and a highly satisfied customer
  • Since NorZon products last so much longer than typical abrasives, fewer belt changes are required. The repairer has less non-productive time
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