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The eponymous studded soles range that have become known as a “Dainite” sole. Often imitated but never bettered. Known for their quality and longevity, this sole is a style classic with the simplicity of layout ensuring that the soles do not retain soil, are easy to clean, whilst remaining comfortable to the user.

Now more popular than ever and attracting the attention of shoe and boot manufacturers worldwide. A Dainite sole emanates quality and class. Hardwearing but comfortable, the soles offer a benefit over leather soles of being fully waterproof.

  • Category: Rubber Full Soles
  • Brand: Harboro Rubber


SKU: Choose a Color Choose a Size Price Quantity Status
DFS10 BLACK 10 - -  In Stock
DFS12 BLACK 12 - -  In Stock
DFS13 BLACK 13 - -  In Stock
DFS9 BLACK 9 - -  In Stock
DFS10R BROWN 10 - -  In Stock
DFS12R BROWN 12 - -  In Stock
DFS9R BROWN 9 - -  In Stock
DFS12RED RED 12 - -  Out of Stock
DFS12RB ROYAL BLUE 12 - -  In Stock