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Berkemann Black Sandals - close out

 Berkemann has a genuine classic, if not the forerunner of all of today's active shoes in its range, with the original sandal. Originally designed in the 1960s by Prof. Dr. W. Thomsen for Berkemann as a prophylactic instrument against false positions of the foot in children, the original sandal quickly conquered the entire (adult) world in only a few years. And the principle of training and strengthening your muscles when wearing the original sandals has not changed to this day. The narrow leather strap and the wooden sole work in accordance with the leverage principle every step you take to train the muscles in the feet and calves. The 5-phase footbed incorporated in the wooden sole hereby supports the natural rolling movement of the foot that ends with the toe grip function.  

Subjst to stock on hand only.

  • Category: Sandals
  • Brand: Berkemann


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BERKB7 7 (38) - - In Stock
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