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Pedag Viva Sport Insoles

 Pedag® VIVA® SPORT is a full length orthotic insole, German hand-made innovative sport orthotic suitable for impact sports such as running, basketball, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, walking, and other weight bearing activities to increase endurance and prevent fatigue. The pedag® VIVA® SPORT is useful when standing on hard surfaces for long periods because it both cushions and supports the entire foot, thin enough to fit in almost any shoe. 

Pedag® VIVA® SPORT has an anatomically shaped, semi-rigid foot bed with diagonal bridge function that stabilizes, aligns, and supports the mid-foot. pedag® VIVA® SPORT has a high-tech surface with excellent shock elasticity and which is durable and resilient. The material quickly wicks sweat away from the foot. pedag® VIVA® SPORT is suitable for shoes, trail runners, and boots with breathable membranes. 

Awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for promoting foot health. After wearing: please air overnight.

  • Category: Insoles
  • Brand: Pedag


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PSW6 #36 WOMEN 6 - -  In Stock
PSW7 #37 WOMEN 7 - -  Out of Stock
PSW8 #38 WOMEN 8 - -  Out of Stock
PSW9 #39 WOMEN 9 - -  In Stock
PSW10 #40 WOMEN 10 / MEN 7 - -  In Stock
PSM8 #41 MEN 8 / WOMEN 11 - -  In Stock
PSM9 #42 MEN 9 - -  Out of Stock
PSM10 #43 MEN 10 - -  In Stock
PSM11 #44 MEN 11 - -  In Stock
PSM12 #45 MEN 12 - -  In Stock
PSM13 #46 MEN 13 - -  In Stock