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The Even Up Shoe Balancer is the answer to hip and knee pain caused by uneven gait dues to walking with an orthotic walking boot or wound care shoe or uneven leg lengths caused as a result of hip replacement surgery.

Helps relieve hip and back pain associated with wearing:

  • an orthotic walking boot
  • a post-operative shoe
  • a CROW boot

Sold individually.

  • Category: Specialty
  • Brand: Evenup


SKU: Choose a Size Price Quantity Status
EUL LARGE (M11-13 / W11-1/2-13-1/2) - -  Out of Stock
EUM MEDIUM (M8-1/2-10-1/2 / W9-11) - -  Out of Stock
EUS SMALL (M6-8 / W5-8-1/2) - -  In Stock
EUX X-LARGE (MEN 13-1/2+) - -  In Stock