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Birkenstock Blue Foot Beds

Our famous blue footbed provides long term comfort and arch support to your non-Birkenstock footwear. Contoured arches and deep heel cup can help relieve heel pain and plantar fasciitis symptoms. With a silk lining that absorbs moisture and is hand-washable. 

Product Details

  • Footbed: Based on the original Birkenstock footbed - featuring pronounced arch support and a deep heel cup, the casual footbed is for footwear with a flat or low heel.
  • Sole material: Made of natural cork and EVA - for a flexible, shock absorbing construction.

 Features & Benefits

  • Overall arch support design - Provides proper alignment. Balances foot impact areas. Reduces fatigue. Can increase life of footwear.
  • Lightweight & compact - Easily slides in and out of shoes.
  • Contoured arches - Supports instep (longitudial medial arch) and ball of foot (metatarsal arch).
  • Slik lining - absorbs moisture.
  • Cork/EVA construction - Absorbs shocks; flexible.
  • Moderate flanges - Controls stability.
  • Deep heel cup - Cushions and protects heel bone. Can relieve some heel problems. Provides natural cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Hand-washable - Can increase life of Footbed.

Sold by the pair

  • Category: Insoles
  • Brand: Birkenstock


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