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Duall-88 Neoprene Cement

Duall-88 is an all-purpose adhesive, which develops fine cohesive strength quickly to give permanently strong, flexible and waterproof bonds.

Duall-88 is considered a breakthrough in the manufacture of neoprene, solvent-type cements. It is amber clear, and leaves no unsightly discolorations or glue lines. Blended by a unique method which preserves its ingredients in a homogeneous solution, Duall-88 never requires stirring or other agitation. It is guaranteed "non-settling" with no waste.

Duall-88 has a versatile tack life, as parts may be joined 5-10 minutes after cementing or up to 30 minutes, without affecting the ultimate adhesion. Parts also may be cemented and then stored for long periods of time, to be later joined by heat or solvent activation.

Present usages are largely with leather, fabrics, foam, cork, composition rubber, and crepe rubber in the footwear and other related industries.

  • Category: Adhesives
  • Brand: Duall


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