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Vibram #7175 Cherry Sheet

A soft rubber sheet, continuous Vibram bet design.

Ideal for the die-cutting of soles, heels and inserts, to be used for the repair of shoes when excellent grip is required.

Product maintains its perfect shape during the die cutting process, making it ideal for smooth edge finishing.

  • SP Compound
  • 4 mm or 6 mm

Sold by 11.4" X 35.8" Sheet

  • Category: Soling Sheets
  • Brand: Vibram


SKU: Choose a Thickness Price Quantity Status
VIB7175B4F BLACK 4 mm FULL SIZE SHEET (22.8" X 35.8") - - In Stock
VIB71754 BLACK 4 mm HALF SIZE SHEET (11.4" X 35.8") - - In Stock
VIB71756 BLACK 6 mm HALF SIZE SHEET (11.4"X 35.8") - - In Stock
VIB7175C4 CREAM 4mm HALF SIZE SHEET (11.4" X 35.8") - - In Stock