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Black Forest Pit Tanned leather soles


The highest quality due to the very slow tanning process. The hides are PIT TANNED for weeks in the ground with vegetable tanning agents including crushed oak bark and fruits of the oak and chestnut trees.

The slow tanning process gives the leather naturally high protection against water penetration and very low abraison to wear.  The ground tanning process also gives the soles a natural warm color and not painted like other leather brands.


10 generations of premium German pit tanned leather from Tuttlingen Germany dating back to 1645. 

  • Original tanning process
  • matching English style combination heels 
  • Quality is same as JR Rendenbach
  • 25% less expensive as JR Rendenbach
  • best value in premium leather

*use theGerman Combination Heel for the perfect match !!

sold by the pair





SKU: Choose a Thickness Price Quantity Status
GGT1011 10-11 (as shown - *most common) - - In Stock
GGT1011HB 10-11 (brand stamp in heel) - - Out of Stock
BF45 4.5mm HALF SOLES - - In Stock
BF50 5.0mm HALF SOLES - - In Stock
GGT89 8-9 (as shown - *most common) - - In Stock
GGT910 9-10 (as shown - *most common) - - In Stock
GGT910HB 9-10 (brand stamped in heel) - - In Stock